Truffles Fancy Assorted Flows

Truffles Fancy Assorted Flows
Packaging Size: 17.8*10.6*14/ 14.5*8.5*12/ 7.3*4.8*6.0
Net Weight: 221g/ 110g/ 55g
Original Place: France
Ingredients: Sugar, non-hydrogenated vegetable oils, cocoa mass (14.5%), low fat cocoa (6.4%),
cocoa butter, glucose syrup, whey powder, roasted almonds (3.6%), whole milk powder (3.6%),
hazelnut pieces (2.5%), pistachio pieces(2.5%), crispy cereals (2.2%) (wheat flour, wheat gluten,
sodium bicarbonate, salt, sugar, palm oil, calcium carbonate), grated coconut (2.1%), hazelnut
paste (1.1%), dextrose, skimmed milk powder, icing sugar, gelatin, cocoa powder, milk proteins,
anhydrous milk fat, emulsifier: soya and sunflower lecithin, natural vanilla flavoring, flavors :
hazelnut, pistachio, coconut.
Assortment of fancy truffles and chocolate products [dark chocolate (cocoa: 72% minimum]:
fancy truffles with hazelnut pieces, pistachio pieces and grated coconut, roasted almonds covered with milk chocolate scattered with low fat cocoa, fancy marshmallows coated with milk chocolate, crispy cereals coated with milk chocolate and gianduja chocolate and sprinkled with low fat cocoa)
1.    Truffles Fancy Assorted Flows are the first new arrival which breaks down the traditional packaging and puts eight different truffles into mix for the first time. You can enjoy different tastes once but needn’t pay what you like for times.
2.    Pure raw materials are selected without any artificial ingredients or other substitutes.     
3.    The truffles don’t only meet your leisure needs but can be used as gifts.
Contain milk.May contain egg, peanuts, nuts and wheat.
Place these truffles at an ambient temperature of 19-20 for one hour in advance and savour them in the height of their aroma and smoothness.
They are to be kept in a cool, dry place.
Nutrition Facts Per 42g
Amount    % Daily Value Amount   % Daily Value
Calories          232   Sugar        12g  
Fat                   15g 23% Fiber           5g 12%
Saturated Fat     9g 45% Protein        3g   
Trans Fat           0g 0% Vitamine A 0%
Sodium            31mg 1% Vitamine C 0%
Cholesterol     <5mg Calcium  6%
Carbohydrate  17g 5% Iron 35%
Daily values are based on a 2,000 calories diet.