Distribution Conditions

Requirements for Distributors
1. Engaged in the business of food.
2. Have a good ability for market operation and management.
3. Have a good brand awareness and service concept.
4. Take active part in the training campaign of marketing and management launched by the company.
5. Have good personalities and business credibility.

Requirements for Local Market
1. Fund support.
2. Have good end-customer channels and distribution capacities.
3. Make a good research about the local market.
4. Have a good knowledge of the local customers, consumption levels and purchasing abilities.
5. Know well about chocolate products mix and market share.

Distribution Support
Fine Quality Products
1. All products imported.
2. With leading creative technology.
3. Safety and quality assurance.
4. Qualified by HACCP system, IFS V5 and ECOCERT.

Marketing Support
1. Help distributors make a survey and take analysis of the local market.
2. Provide distributors the standardized uniform VI template, including the design template for E-business, external of stores, counter and products exhibition.
3. Brand strategy support provided, such as, marketing plans, exhibitions and PR activities.

Information Shared
Provide the knowledge of products, promotion plans and customer service.
1. Preferential policies given in a portion according to the order completion.
2. The rebate given at a certain ratio according to the sales completion.

Distribution Process
Call or E-mail about distribution—— Preparation of fund and market research—— Negotiate with the regional manager about clear objective of distribution—— Store location&. Market survey—— Photos of future stores, business circles, plan of construction site and distribution application E-mailed or faxed to company—— Help distributors fill in the market report, the plan for business development and purchase order schedule—— Qualification verified—— Stores examined—— Sign on the distribution contract—— Stores construction&. Preparation for business operation, including employee recruitment, operation training and opening celebrations—— Acceptance check—— Stores opened officially—— Constant support from company