Truffles Original

Truffles Original
Packaging Size: 18.5*11.5*17/ 17.8*10.6*14/ 14.5*8.5*12
Net Weight: 1.0Kg/ 500g/ 250g
Original Place: France
Ingredients: Non hydrogenated vegetable oil, sugar, low fat cocoa, whey powder, cocoa powder,
emulsifiers: soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavor.
1.    Pure cocoa butter selected, low fat and sugar, popular with those who eat less sweet food and beneficial for keeping fit.
2.    Made with the finest selected ingredients and rolled in cocoa powder for a luscious finish.
3.    Fat originated from the plant to make the melting point low and bring the lasting cool taste.
4.    Silky flavor, wonderful aroma and beneficial for health.
Contains milk. May contain egg, peanuts, nuts and wheat.
Place these truffles at an ambient temperature of 18℃-20℃ for one hour in advance and savour them in the height of their aroma and smoothness.
They are to be kept in a cool, dry place.
Nutrition Facts  Per 42g
Amount       % Daily Value
Calories       257
Fat            20g   31%
 Saturated Fat    16g  80%
 Trans Fat         0g  0%
 Sodium         31mg  1%
 Cholesteroll     <5mg  
 Carbohydrate    15g  5%
 Fiber             2g  8%
 Sugar           13g  
 Protein           2g  
 Vitamine A  0%
 Vitamine C  0%
 Calcium  8%
 Iron  50%
 Daily values are based on a 2,000 calories diet. 


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